About this study

Ally Indicators

A study to help identify a better balance in the prominence of Ally's integration.

We have set up clickable (desktop only) prototypes that simulate a course. These prototypes are hooked up to an online feedback tool that lets us know what you think of particular design directions. When you launch one of the prototypes, more context and a quick tutorial will be shown.

Get involved by choosing your institution's LMS. The test only takes approx. 15 - 25 minutes:

Blackboard Learn study 01

Launch Learn Prototype

Instructure Canvas study 01

Launch Canvas Prototype

Moodlerooms study 01

Launch Moodlerooms Prototype

How the study is run

The study is run through a platform called Validately, it simply captures video of your screen and audio (optional). The main source of feedback in this study consists of simple form entries. Then guided instructions will ask you to perform very simple tasks. There are 8 to complete.

Time on task

The study will take around 15 min – 25 mins in total (depending on how much feedback you want to provide, if none; just enter "pass" in optional feedback sections and click "Next" in the task panel).

Your feedback is important to us in ensuring that Ally remains valuable for those it's intended for. Personal information is NOT captured for anyone who participates in these studies. Since these are essentially interfaces under progress and artifacts from current design efforts, the prototypes themselves are simply screen-shots and not intended to be accessible.