Allies Assemble Activities | BbWorld and DevCon 2018 | Orlando FL

Allies Assemble

Meet members of the Ally Team and the Ally Community. We’ll talk more about what’s going on this week at the Ally Studio and preview the inclusive learning presentation track.

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

Ally community activity 01:
Electric Welcome

Kick off BbWorld with members of the Ally Team and User Community as we share Ally experiences, discuss recent findings from Ally roll-outs and case studies, pose questions, and brainstorm about inclusive pedagogy.

Ally community activity 02:
A Toast to the Heroic

Join the Heroically Minded for drinks and conversation, as we cheers our Ally heroes and celebrate achievements in accessibility from the first year of our journey.

Ally community activity 03:
Heroes on the Horizon

As BbWorld comes to a close, join the Community to reflect on what we've learned and what's inspired us in the sessions, synthesize discoveries from the week in the Ally Studio, and explore what's on the horizon for the Ally product and the Heroically Minded.