About this study

Ally user centered research

The Ally team carries out User Centered Design Research continuously.

It's actually easier than it sounds. It simply means that you (or the appropriate people at your institution) work closely with our team and participate in informal studies providing feedback that ends up becoming useful experiences to the people Ally is intended to serve.

The results of the studies becomes appropriate insight that factors into decision-making and product design as we design and build Ally's new or existing features.

You can choose how involved you'd like to be:

  1. An email or post in the user group giving feedback about the experience of a certain feature
  2. Filling out a poll we post on the user group or online
  3. Participating in a survey or questionnaire we'd posted via email or on the user group
  4. Collaborating with us to arrange for specific people at your institution (e.g. instructors) to get on a conference call with us for 45 mins, talking over a shared prototype
  5. Working closely with us to arrange workshops, face-to-face interviews and usability studies at your institution with specific people on a visit to your campus

As you can see there are many ways to get involved. Your institution’s context becomes an important, valid and relevant contribution. Directly shaping Ally and it’s end value for the right users (and from their perspective).

Some like to first simply 'dip their toe in' and just sign up to the user group as a starting point. Some like to lead the way and line-up workshops or more in-depth studies with people at their institution to maximize their input. Where ever you decide the best place to start is, please do get involved, your work with us will end up valuable to many, many people.

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