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# Inclusive Learning Series: Choose your Format In February, we had our first **million download month** in North America and usage of the formats continues to grow. To provide a little more context to those numbers, we’re sharing the second paper in our Inclusive Learning Research Series: *Choose Your Format: Usage of Alternative Formats of Learning Content* In the first part of the paper, we analyze overall usage trends. We compare unique alternative format downloaders, total downloads, and alternative format engagements at the beginning and end of several terms. We also examine downloads by file type during the Fall 2019 term, and relationships between the types of formats downloaded and the types of files uploaded to the LMS. In the second part of the paper, we analyze the rate of alternative format downloads per FTE by Institution Type (4 major Carnegie categories) and by Institution Size (Total FTE). Interestingly, neither of these institution features appear to be influence alternative format downloads, or the types of formats downloaded. In part two of our analysis of alternative format downloads, we’ll zoom into the course level to better understand if there are course features that influence alternative format downloads.