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# Inclusive Learning Series: Instructor Feedback Our 11th installment of the the Inclusive Learning Research Series titled “Tools for Inclusive Course Design: Engagement with Accessibility Feedback” examines usage trends with Ally’s Instructor Feedback and Course Accessibility Report. **Did you know:** * 50% of all indicator clicks are on low score “Red” indicators * Of the Top-100 courses with the most files fixed in March, an average of 49% of the improvements per course were made through the Course Accessibility Report, compared to just 12% for the remaining 2,482 courses with at least five files improved * Word docs had the lowest success rate of files altered that resulted in an improved accessibility score at a still respectable 76%. More to come from the Inclusive Learning Series, including some exciting new work for Bb World. \[Alt Text for Attached: Screenshot of Page 3 of the paper\]