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# Ally 1.23 (November 14, 2018) ## Student help Ally 1.23 introduces the ability to configure a custom student help message that will be displayed in the Alternative Formats modal. This custom help message can be used to point students to existing institutional documentation, share contact information, etc. The custom help content can be configured in the Ally Configuration UI, and uses the [Markdown]( format to help provide a structured (and accessible) message. When no custom message has been configured, the “Help” link will point to a default Ally documentation page that explains how and when the different alternative formats can be used. Note that this is the first of several help features. Upcoming releases will include the ability to configure custom help content for instructors and the ability for students and instructors to reach out for help from Ally. ## Bug fixes and improvements * The course enrolment number displayed in the institutional report no longer includes disabled enrolments for Blackboard Learn institutions. * Implemented several improvements to the language detection for Microsoft Office documents. * Fixed a bug that would cause the “Please enter an image description” error message to flash when marking an image as decorative in the instructor feedback. * Fixed a bug in the Canvas integration that would prevent the window from growing sufficiently when opening the content preview.