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# Ally 1.14 (March 25, 2018) ## All issues It is now possible to easily see the full list of accessibility issues that have been identified in a particular content item by clicking “All issues” in the instructor feedback. This will also explain how much the accessibility score can be improved by fixing each issue and makes it easy to switch to a different feedback and guidance flow. The list of all issues is also available when the instructor has completed fixing an issue and the list of remaining issues is presented. ## Usage tracking More detailed usage tracking is now available for the alternative formats: - How often is the alternative formats modal opened? - How many alternative formats are downloaded? - What format types are downloaded? - How many courses are the alternative formats used in? - How many unique students are using the alternative formats? Detailed usage tracking has also been put in place for the instructor feedback: - How often was the instructor feedback opened? - What is the distribution by feedback flow type? - How many content items are improved through the instructor feedback? - How many alternative descriptions are provided through the instructor feedback? - How many images are marked as decorative through the instructor feedback? - How many library references are provided? The collected data can currently be made available on request as a data export. This usage data will also be exposed directly in the institutional report as part of a future release. ## Spike impact Several processing and infrastructure improvements have been put in place to reduce the impact of a large number of content items and/or courses being created at once and the potential processing delays this could cause. ## Bug fixes and improvements - Prevent the institutional CSV export from intermittently timing out and failing for institutions with a lot of LMS data. - Scanned documents that have been OCRd will no longer show "OCRd PDF” as an available alternative format.