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5 Dimensions of an Inclusive Classroom

October 10, 2018 (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

Time: 1PM-2PM EST Location:

Description: Students have diverse needs and abilities, come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and use diverse tools and technologies to learn. Designing an inclusive learning experience for students requires that we think about the many different kinds of barriers that exclude students, and do our part to help ensure equitable and welcoming classrooms. Learn strategies and engage examples of how we have integrated aspects of inclusive pedagogy into our online courses, and how we are beginning to use Ally’s alternative formats for more flexible, inclusive content.

5 Dimensions of an Inclusive Classroom

  • Accessible content
  • Options for engagement
  • Multimodal Literacy
  • Language and Identity
  • Culturally-Responsive

Speakers: Joseph Feria-Galicia is the Accessibility Team Lead for Digital Learning Services at the University of California, Berkeley. Joe has extensive experience designing accessible courses, remediating content, and is leading the UC Berkeley’s Ally roll-out.

Lucy Greco is a web accessibility evangelist at UC Berkeley, with extensive experience in accessibility testing and innovation. She heads the UC Office of the President's Electronic Accessibility Committee as well as spent 8 years as an Assistive Technology Specialist. Blind since birth, Lucy serves as a pioneering voice of advocacy for the accessibility community.

Jessica Adams is a doctoral student at UC Berkley's Graduate School of Education, where she specializes in digital literacies and multimodal literacy theory. Her most recent research explores the literacy practices in Virtual Reality storytelling in global peer network.

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